DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. (www.ddb.com) ranks among the top five consolidated advertising and marketing services global networks, according to Advertising Age and consistently one of the most awarded networks globally for creative excellence.
DDB Indonesia, like our other offices, is a creative company and we put people at the center of everything we do.

We avoid the familiar solutions to a problem and look at it with fresh eyes.
The result is something so interesting that people actually seek it out and want to spend time with it.

We are a full-service advertising agency with a wide range of expertise, including creative, design, brand strategy, production (digital &TV broadcast, print and experiential) and our in-house production studio, Inazuma Films, provides the full range of film production services.

Ways we can work with you


Long term business building with a focal point of two years out and beyond. Our scope is to improve products and services based on branding and positioning. Our Worldwide network means we can pull in the appropriate specialists from any of our offices around the world.


Medium-term storytelling to build brands over one to two years. Our scope is to build brands and classic upper-funnel activity. Predominantly planning and creative driven, the objective is to shape the brand, and then produce marketing campaigns that tell a story to build brand equity.


Single, one off campaigns based on a single fee. We can provide simple strategy, relevant research if required, concept development, script development and 3rd party supervision. We can also provide film production. The objective is to build brand equity or generate sales based on the clients objective.